Software developer based in Manchester, UK.

In 2010 I created the brain training game Brain App.

Now I'm working on something new

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Brain App

Brain App (Game)

Daily brain exercise. Test your logic, math, and reflexes. Brain App has more than 120,000 users worldwide.

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows PC, macOS, and even Windows Phone*

Brain App

CalcTab (Enhanced Calculator)

The most amazing calculator app ever! CalcTab transforms your equations into an editable grid. Easy to use like a calculator, but with powerful spreadsheet-like functions.

Available for: iPad
Brain App

CalcSnap (Calculator)

An elegant and easy to use calculator for Windows 8 that can be used fullscreen or snapped alongside another app. Includes equation printout function which can be shared with other apps such as OneNote.

Available for: Windows 8 / Windows RT

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*I still love you Windows Phone :'(