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Brain App (Educational Game)
Platforms:  iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Windows Phone, Android, Kindle Fire, Web (Silverlight)

My flagship product, a cross-platform brain exercise game. Offering a variety of exercises, Brain App has proven very popular - with more than 75,000 users worldwide!

Brain App started life on iPhone, and I've since ported it to iPad, Mac, Windows Phone, Windows PCs, and Kindle Fire. There's some great online features -- scores sync over-the-air between all versions, so users can enjoy playing on multiple devices. There's also a social element, users can follow each-other and compare scores, plus there are leaderboards for each mode which users can view in the app or at the website Users can also check their scores on the website.

Brain App was created entirely by myself. I designed and coded all versions, including the server-side elements necessary for the online and social features such as account creation and login, leaderboards, profile syncing, friends lists.

App Store  Mac App Store



CalcTab (Productivity App)
Platform: iPad

CalcTab is my re-imagining of the Calculator for the tablet-age.

Used like a regular calculator, CalcTab will automatically turn your equations into a grid of cells (called a 'tab'). Cells in the tab can be edited by tapping them, numbers and operators can be changed - not only is this useful for spotting and correcting mistakes, but can save a lot of time usually wasted inputting the same equations again and again but with different values.

A running toal of the equation is displayed along the bottom of each cell. Useful memory options allow cell values to be saved, or totals up to a specific cell, or the total of the entire equation. CalcTab is a free, ad-supported app.

Links: CalcTab Product Page


Blockmatix (Puzzle Game)
Platform: iPhone & iPad

A new twist on the falling-blocks puzzle-game concept. Blocks fall with simple math equations on them, solve the equation to clear the blocks before they land.

There's multiple modes, and power-ups to clear fallen blocks, and slow the speed of the falling blocks. Collectable puzzle pieces unlock cool new wallpapers for the iOS home screen.

Video backdrops make the gameplay beatiful to watch, and an ambient soundtrack sets a relaxational mood.


Freelance Work


How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb (Interactive Book)
Platform: iPad
Publisher: Visual Concept Entertainment
My Role: Developer

I was hired in a freelance capacity by Visual Concept Entertainment to build an interactive iPad version of their best-selling book 'How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb'.

The process involved working with the author Peter Kuran, discussing what new possibilities the iPad could open up, and the decision to replace a number of the pages with full screen video footage and incorporate a custom playback system where readers could not only view videos both forwards and in reverse, but also 'scrub' frame-by-frame to see every detail surrounding the explosion of an atomic bomb.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Peter on this, and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the finished product.


Save The Dates (eCard App)
Platform: iPhone & iPad
Publisher: Page Stationery LLC
My Role: Developer

This is a handy app for anyone that needs nice looking save the date cards. There are 6 well designed 'save the date cards' for weddings or any occasion.

The app allows each design to be customized with a personal greeting. You can email directly from your iPad or iPhone, MMS text the image to your contact list or save the image to your photos.



App Templates to easily turn books into feature packed apps


CodeStore Book App Templates
Platform: iPad, iPhone, Android
Publisher: Various
My Role: App template designer / developer

Over the past few years I have been working on building 'template' apps to allow authors and artists to publish their books as apps without having to learn how to write code. My template apps are packed with features and very easy to use. I designed and developed the iOS templates. The Android templates were developed by Afoniq, based on my original designs.

A huge number of apps have now been published which use my templates. Below are some of the best examples, but a bigger list can be found here.

iOS: First Day of School (Story Book), Dragon Alliance HD (Comic Book), Nice Princess (Coloring Book), Thumbpire (Story Book)

Android: AlphaBELCH (Story Book), Alien Rain (Comic Book), Nice Princess (Coloring Book), Where Ideas Are Born (Story Book)

Less recent apps

The above projects were chosen as those which best represent my abilities in software development and design. But I've also worked in a some capacity on other projects including...

Word Connection (Game)
Capacity: Development but not design.
Publisher: MPL Enterprises

Simple word game for iPhone, includes OpenFeint leaderboards.
Zombie Skydive (Game)
Capacity: Design & development.
Publisher: BeonSoft

Action game for iPhone. Designed and developed by me, and later aquired by publisher BeonSoft.


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